• App must be developed on premise at hack/reduce.
  • App can be developed for the mobile web (HTML5/CSS/Java/Ruby/...), Android, iOS, or Windows mobile platforms.
  • App must incorporate the nutritional data all of the five meal platforms provided in the data set.
  • App must include an aspect of nutritional, meal logistics, or supply chain planning.
  • App should include an aspect of nutritional data visualization.
  • App must support potential hyperlinks to additional web content.
  • App must not include proprietary code that would limit use by members of the Department of Defense.
  • Any additional data sets used during the Hackathon must also be publicly available.  If you have ideas for other public data sets that could be interesting for this event, please email adrienne@hackreduce.org so they can be provided to the other participants as well.
  • hack/reduce must obtain from third party participants, intellectual property releases that prevent any encumbrances such as those typical of open source and thereby ensure that the Government obtains a nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, paid-up license or its equivalent, to make or practice any intellectual property arising from the hosted event or have such intellectual property made or practiced on behalf of the United States.


  • Innovative Concept – is the concept creative, forward-thinking, and resourceful?
  • Interactivity with User – is the user readily engaging with the content of the app?
  • Usability – is it easy to learn and navigate the content?
  • Visualization – is the data presented in an aesthetic, effective, and imaginative way?
  • Gut Reaction – what was your overall first impression of this app?